Bath Dog Whisperer

ever wish you knew why he does what he does?

My name is Howard Grove. By explaining canine behaviour, I can show you the world through your dog’s eyes so you can build a rewarding relationship.

Whether your pet is aggressive, sad, bored, scared, destructive or simply needs training, let me help via group classes or one-to-ones in your home.

Dog and laptopI run informative and fun 7-week courses for all types of dogs and puppies in Bath and also offer more intensive individual sessions for those who can’t make the courses, or for dogs with unwanted behavioural problems. Alongside conventional dog training I sometimes employ a method known as ‘dog whispering’ which, used appropriately, can be a very effective way of correcting behavioural problems.

The term ‘whispering’ in relation to animal training goes back to the early 19 th century when Daniel Sullivan - an Irish horseman - made a name for himself by rehabilitating vicious and intractable horses that had been abused or suffered accidental trauma. He was secretive about his methods, but was often seen standing face-to-face with troubled horses and talking quietly to them in a way they seemed to understand. Sullivan later worked with Willis J. Powell, who travelled widely in the Americas to help traumatised horses. Powell became famous and wrote his own book, cooperating with John Solomon Rarey, and their revolutionary techniques hurtled into the public eye with the release of the film ‘The Horse Whisperer’, directed by Robert Redford.

Dog winkingThe original whisperers used a combination of subtle psychological principles to tame wild horses. Today I use similar methods to get exceptional results from domestic dogs.

To find out more, or to book your dog on to the next training course or arrange a private consultation, please call me on 01225 464330 or 07975 802518, or email me by clicking here.