Bath Dog Whisperer

Howard Grove - the Bath Dog Whisperer

Howard GroveHoward Grove was born and bred in Manchester and, after gaining a degree in Electronic Engineering, moved to London. He established an successful electronics business which traded for some thirty years before retiring from manufacturing.

At this point – having been a dog owner all his life and possessing a natural affinity to animals – he made a decision to pursue a second career around his other enduring passion: canine psychology and dog training.

From 2000 until 2007 Howard trained dogs at the prestigious Enfield Chase Dog Training Club in North London, where was elected Vice Chairman from 2005. Enfield Chase Dog Training Club is a Kennel Club registered organisation that runs puppy classes for dogs from 12 weeks old and brings them on to a standard where they can be tested for the ‘Good Citizen Dog Scheme’ bronze level award. Their more advanced classes train dogs up to the Good Citizen Gold award.

He is now in the final stages of studying for an advanced diploma in Canine Behaviour Management with the Institute for Animal Care Education. This is a degree-level course accredited by The Kennel Club, and covers topics including Dog Psychology; Physiology; Pharmacology; Genetics; and Evolution & Law.

“I don’t believe in just telling people HOW to do something to improve their dog’s behaviour - but WHY it works!” he says. “Although I love doing normal weekly dog training, I can also help with serious behavioural problems that just aren’t covered by those classes. Basically, I enjoy getting the human/dog relationship back on the correct footing - and enabling stressed, upset owners to get back to living a normal life again.”

Howard relocated to Bath in early 2008 and lives with his wife and their Cavalier King Charles spaniel Honey. Some elementary research into local dog training revealed that nobody in the area appeared to offer standard dog training techniques alongside the type of gentle, behaviourist ‘whispering’ approach he favours for helping dogs with seemingly insurmountable problems.

Well there is now – at last, the Bath Dog Whisperer has arrived!