Bath Dog Whisperer



 Dear Howard

Just wanted to drop you a line to say thank you for helping us with our Manchester Terriers. The information and techniques you imparted, when consistently put into practice have really helped us to take control of those two little terriers. I am still amazed that we can walk the dogs to heal on a loose lead rather than go dog skiing! The barking at people in my shops and in the van has become almost non-existent and they no longer lunge at people in quite the same manner when we walk down the street. We still have a long way to go and will definately be in touch
for some additional training in the future.

A & S

"May I thank you a million times for your help with Indy. I can now walk with him at heel with a loose lead. If I speed up so will he. If I slow so will he. I can now pass dogs either side of me without being dragged towards them in an attack. I have stopped him from trying to attack every dog passing our garden. I can leave him in the house without coming home to `hate mail` from next door as Indy no longer howls when left alone. I can sit with friends and chat without Indy howling at me during the conversation!!! Basically I now have a fantastic Malamute who is part of a wonderful `pack` I am so grateful to you. Should you pass this on to anyone else (feel free to do so) my only words would be, do exactly as you tell them and learn to talk dog!!!!! He is a happy dog and learnt so swiftly it was amazing to see how fast things turned round. I did say I would never give up on him and I’m damn pleased I met you!!! I am so proud to walk with Indy. Look out for us as we now often are in the city centre taking a walk!!! Howard you are amazing. Thank you again."


 "I just wanted to say thank you so much for all that you did with Millie yesterday afternoon. The improvement is already massive. I went for a long walk with her last night and have just come back from walking her this morning and for the first time in a long time it was a pleasurable experience. We met somebody last night who stopped and chatted for a while and she was much more relaxed (as was I) and when we passed some people this morning they said “what a lovely dog and so well behaved” – I don’t think I have ever heard that about Millie before. Everything you said about her feeling it is her responsibility to vet strangers rather than mine, makes so much sense. Now I can understand why she does the things she does I feel much better equipped to deal with them. It has been a long time since I have enjoyed having a dog as previously I had been feeling that she was a chore and a tie. I hadn’t realised how much I had been feeling like that until the meetings we had with people last night and this morning, now I am beginning to get back to really enjoying having her around.

I know that there is a lot of work that I still need to do to build on these first few steps but I feel really optimistic about things now – thank you."

L of Atworth

 "We wanted to drop you a line to say a big thank you for coming to visit us a couple of weeks ago and helping to put us on the road to solving our ‘doggy dilemma’ of two barking and hyperactive Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. In the two weeks since your visit there has been a marked improvement in all aspects of the behaviour of our two ‘boys’ and walks are starting to be a much quieter affair! They now walk much better on a short lead rather than an extending one and even have periods of freedom in the field, something that didn’t happen before, as they ran off. They also seem much happier and more settled in themselves.

We both very much enjoyed your visit and found all the information you took the time to share with us fascinating and very helpful in enabling us to understand our dogs’ behaviour and how to modify it – you need to know how something works to fix it. We have sought help from three people before you and we were beginning to despair that we would ever solve the problem, but you have helped us to achieve more in two weeks than we had been able to do in two years!

Thank you for helping to improve both our lives and those of Angus and Fergus."

A & G, Devises


"I just wanted to thank you very much for the time you spent with us on Sunday. It was absolutely invaluable. We have learned so much, and Dandy is now a calmer, happier dog - making us calmer, happier owners! We may well book another session in the future to take things a stage further, as we'd really like to explore Dandy's potential a bit more. In the meantime, you might be interested to know that she can now roll over on command!"

J.M., Bath


"Thank you very much for yesterday. I was amazed to find that Pax allowed the puppies to sleep next to him without so much as a blink of an eyelid, let alone a growl. I hope this continues. I will try and remember all the informative tips you gave me. Thank you once again."

A.J., Bath


“Howard has a great affinity with dogs. In club classes it is not always possible or appropriate to help individual handlers understand their dog’s particular behavioural problems and this is where Howard could step in and give a one to one session, with home visits if required

An 18 month old rescued male Boxer and its handler joined our Beginners Class as the dog had a big problem regarding other dogs. Howard worked with them for 8 weeks and a far greater understanding took place between handler and dog. He is much improved and able to join in the class, and the owner says he is much better at home and when meeting other dogs on walks.

Dusty, a retired Greyhound was very nervous when she was brought to the Club by her very anxious new owner who over-compensated for Dusty's previous life. Howard has made home visits for some time and Dusty's progress has been slow but steady. It is a joy to see her wagging her tail and beginning to enjoy life.”

Outgoing Vice Chairman, Enfield Chase Dog Training Club


To Whom It May Concern: Re Howard Grove, December 2007

We have been attending the Enfield Chase Dog Training School since June 2007 with our Scottish terrier puppy, Bobby, who is nearly nine months old. Whilst we have found the training very useful Bobby continues to bark, growl and pull at the other dogs and this was not being addressed by the instructors. This of course distracts the class and is very wearing on us. However this behaviour is only when he is on the lead. We began training Wednesday nights and we would often go home frustrated and upset.

Howard stepped in for our instructor to take the group class; this is where we first met. We were amazed at the difference in Bobby's behaviour after being handled for a short time by Howard, within the lesson (about 10 minutes). This gave us an insight into what may be the problem i.e. our handling and approach.

After this lesson Howard spent considerable time empowering us with valuable knowledge about dogs and the reasons for their behaviour. Having always owned dogs I was surprised how little I knew. We then arranged for Howard to come to our home to observe us in our "natural environment".

Howard spent about 2 hours with us and this time included a road walk with tips on lead work. Howard also showed us techniques for controlling/modifying some of the behaviour in the home i.e. a corrective touch when Bobby begins to mount a object, teaching him to get down from the sofa when we want and training Bobby not to jump up at visitors. The latter has been achieved by getting Bobby to sit & stay away from the corridor to the front door; we then continue the stay until the visitor has entered the desired room. Regular visitors have been amazed by our progress.

In summary our time with Howard has been invaluable. Howard's enthusiasm and knowledge has empowered us to take control and become better handlers/owners. Without Howard we honestly don't know how we would have progressed. Bobby still has a tendency to bark & growl at other dogs but we look forward to continued advice from Howard.

S & C