Bath Dog Whisperer

training courses or one-to-ones?

Training classes take place in Batheaston and all 5-week courses cost £37.50 - payable in full on or before the first session, in cash or by cheque. We regret that we cannot take payments by card.


One to one consultations are still available,
call 01225 464330

It is essential that you book before coming - please don't just turn up with your dog at the start of a course as a place may not be available.

Please click here for location details.

Puppy classes ( under 8 months ). 6.30-7.20pm on Fridays

A chance for your new puppy to learn how to behave well in the presence of other animals and people. We include the basics of sit, down, recall etc. and discuss issues like 'play biting'. Each session lasts for 50 minutes.

Intermediate for adult dogs (8 months+). These courses are arranged by request and we need between 4 & 6 dogs. It includes an introduction to (non jumping) agility .
7:30-8:30pm on Fridays

This is an opportunity for you and your dog to learn a little more beyond the basic commands and to get an introduction to obedience and agility. Note: Dogs under 18 months should not participate in 'jumping agility'.

what to bring... and not to bring

We will need to see your dog's inoculation certificate at the start of training. Plus, for every class you will need a bag containing treats, a training mat (i.e. a piece of dog bedding), doggy bags, some toys and grooming brushes. In fact, why not keep your training bag stocked at all times, so you're always ready for classes, walks and visits and only need to add fresh drinking water for an impromptu trip?

Please note that choke chains are not suitable; different types of leads, harnesses and muzzles will be discussed in class.

Finally, we reserve the right to refuse entry to any dog that we believe is unsuitable for group training sessions. Also, of course, please don't bring your dog to classes when she is in season.

private consultations in your home

Are you - rather than your dog - at the end of your tether? If your dog has a behavioural problem it’s best to deal with it during one or more private consultations where he or she lives. I will then be able to observe your pet in their own environment rather than in an unfamilar place where causes and effects may not manifest themselves in the same way. Typical problems could be:

The techniques I use to work out the root of your pet’s unwanted behaviour – and help to cure it.

Please call me on 01225 464330 or email by clicking here if you would like more details or wish to make an appointment.